How To Install DStv Without Satellite Finder

Most  often people blame themselves with  unavailability of satellite finder in their satellite installation.
Having no satellite finder doesn’t mean you can’t do any satellite installation. The satellite finder is just a gadget that helps to monitor the satellite signal when tracking. In other words it’s the TV sets plus the receiver in one. This helps to do the work easier and faster. You can choose to monitor the signal on your TV set provided it have the needed settings.

Many plasma TVs are in-built with many pre-installed satellite.  You can also use any decoder that’s available.

Follow the steps below to add the transponder details on any satellite plasma TV or FTA receiver

  • Press menu on your remote, every satellites menu, be it a plasma TV or an FTA receiver, there will be either satellite settings, installation, antenna settings, dish settings and anything that comes near to satellite installation and the dish installation as a whole.Look for satellite list and TP (transponder) list.Select Eutelsat 36 degrees East from the satellite list, thus the Dstv satellite. In case you can’t find DStv satellite, select any of the listed satellite. A) Arabsat B) Astra 2A 2B C) Hotbird. Add the DStv transponder (12245 H 27500).Get someone to monitor the signal strength and the signal quality. if possible you can bring the TV outside and monitor it yourself.After getting a stable signal, tight in the satellite dish and connect the DStv decoder.


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