How To Get Free Channels On Dstv

Dstv is a premium TV company in Africa which provides its customers with extremely exciting movies, life events and other entertaining activities. Dstv have various packages for all groups of lives. Now to get Dstv free channels, which is having free-to-air (FTA) channels available on the Dstv decoder, you first need to have a stable signal on a satellite dish. You can choose to use the same Dstv satellite dish or add an additional LNB on top of it, provided you know how to do such connection.

After having a stable signal of the FTA channels, you have to reboot the dstv decoder and remove the old cable carrying the dstv signal.

The video below illustrate how to get free channels on dstv decoder

Follow the steps below to get FTA channels on any Dstv decoder

  • Press menu on the Dstv remote.
  • Look for settings and select satellite settings.
  • Select Additional Network
  • There are five different network settings, ignore the first network and select the second network.
  • Enable the network settings to get access to add some details on the page, that is the transponder of the FTA channels.
  • After adding the transponder connect the cable carrying the FTA signal and check on the right side of the page there will be a signal indicator, make sure it shows a stable signal.
  • Scan the Dstv decoder to get the FTA channels.
  • After scanning reboots the decoder.
  • After rebooting press (2 2 1) on your dstv remote.

The channel list will pop-up on your screen, scroll down to the last page of the list and the FTA channels will be below the Dstv audio channels. Put it on any FTA channels and start enjoying your newly added channels.


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