How To Watch Free Dstv Chinese Channels On Any Decoder

Dstv have different premium channels such as sports, movies and live events. When it comes to their monthly rates, they have the lowers fees in Africa. There are different dongles on the market which may promise for free Dstv channels with no less or fees. Thus may sound interesting, but the problem is that they don’t last longer. Dstv find ways to secure their platform to the fullest. So any dongle satellite decoders that can breakdown Dstv for free channels never last longer.

Now you can get some free Chinese channels on Dstv satellite using any free-to-air satellite decoder. And this channels are among the paid Chinese channels on Dstv. This not a hacking tips, this free on Dstv satellite. One thing to note is that, you cannot get this free channels using a Dstv decoder. You can use an inbuilt satellite flatscreen television or any free-to-air satellite decoders.

To get this free Chinese channels on your decoder, you will go to menu on any decoder and you look for the following keywords (INSTALLATION), (SATELLITE SETTINGS), (DISH SETUP), (SATELLITE INSTALLATION), (DISH SETTING) and any word that can relate to satellite installation. You will press Ok to the next page. And on the satellite installation page, you need to choose your satellite name. You can create a new satellite name if you can. You can choose any satellite name with East and degrees ranging from 23 – 70. You can choose Dstv satellite name, if you can find it in the satellite list of your decoder.

After choosing a satellite name, press OK to move to the next page. And when you open the satellite, you need to add the Dstv frequency and symbol rate. To add the frequency and symbol rate, on every satellite and satellite and transponder page, you are going to find some indications below screen, (Red) to add, (Blue) to scan and other options. So press the add command button to add the transponder. And you need to add Dstv frequency and symbol rate which is (12245 H 27500).

After adding the transponder, press Ok or EXIT to save your project depending on your decoder commands. Most of the decoders, you will press EXIT to save. When the Dstv frequency and symbol rate have been saved, you will press OK to mark or highlight the transponder and press scan command on your screen to scan. When scanning you don’t have to proceed with the scan options below:

  • Manual Scan
  • Default Scan
  • Auto Scan
  • Network Scan

You are required to proceed with blind scan option and have time for the scanning to complete. After scanning, many channels will be scrambled. Dstv have locked their channels on other decoders, that why it’s called paid to view. You can choose to delete all the channels that are not working. Below are the free TV channels you are going to get after scanning:

  • CGTN
  • CCTV4
  • DISH