How To Solve Dstv E48-32 Error

If you are a Dstv customer for a while, you may have seen this error notification on your screen one time or multiple times. And you can associate this type of error with different areas.

  • Due to bad weather condition.
  • No or less Dstv signal from the dish.
  • Due to removal of Dstv signal cable at the back of your decoder.
  • Due to change of Dstv installation settings.

Whenever the error 48-32 pops up on your screen it indicating that there’s something wrong with your signal, you don’t have a quality signal. And in this cases don’t be in a rush to call an installer to check it out for you. You need to know exactly where the problem is coming from. In bad weather conditions, you are not going to get a stable signal and if you are using any KU Band you are going to loss all the signals when it rains.

The first thing you have to do if you see the E48-32 notification, is to know your current weather condition and then you go on to check your signal cable. Most of the time it will lose down, which may turn your Dstv signal off. You may not associate the problem with the signal cable, because you may think that it has been well fixed.

In some cases you will call an installer or a satellite technician who will come and just connect the signal cable back into the LNB port for your money, And they will waste some time for you to think that they are doing a hard time work.

So the first thing to do when you see E48-32 notification on your screen, is to remove the signal cable and fix it back so tight. After fixing it back and you are not having the signal or the notification is still on your screen, most of the time Dstv decoders freezes, so what you need to do is to off your decoder and reboot it once again.

After performing the reboot and your channels are still not working, now you know that the problem is not from the signal cable. You need to check your signal strength to figure out if you are having a less quality signal. If your signal percentage is below 50 depending on the frequency and the symbol rate that you use to track for the signal, the channels are not going to work. And some frequencies and symbol rates need 60% and above for all channels to work perfectly.


So to begin with, you pick your Dstv remote, you look for the blue button with the Dstv logo, you press on it and the Dstv menu will opens up. Use the arrow left and right keys to look for help in the menu. When you find help, come down to General Information and press OK, another pop up page will appear, use the arrow down button to put it tuner status, where you are going to know your signal quality.

Whenever you find out that your signal quality is below 50%, there you can point out the problem to your satellite dish. If both of signal strength and signal quality are 0% / 1%, the problem may be due to two things. Either the installation settings have been changed or the problem is from the satellite dish. So you will move on to check your installation wizard if everything is well organized. You will move to Dstv menu, look for settings and then you come down to Satellite settings, from then you move on to home network and you press OK for the next page. On the next page, you move down to installation wizard to go through your Dstv installation setup.


With the installation wizard you need to choose your satellite name depending on your country. If you are living in Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe then you choose (IS20) satellite name and then you press OK to the next page, choose manual setup, on the next page you change the LNB type to Universal and you scroll it down to the scan option. If you are living in any country apart from those listed countries, you are required to choose satellite name (E36B) with the same steps.

After completing the steps successfully, if your E48-32 error is from the settings, you are going to get your signal back. The signal status on the scan page will fill up. If nothing is showing after going through your installation wizard, then the problem is exactly from your dish outside. You can either push it down or up to see if you will get the signal.


If you can’t do anything about it, you can go ahead to call a professional Dstv installer to help you out.