How To Scan Eutelsat 16A 16°E On SuperBox Decoder









satellite receiver
satellite receiver


To scan for Eutelsat 16A 16°E on a SuperBox decoder, you typically follow these steps:

1. **Access the Menu**:

Using your SuperBox remote, navigate to the main menu.


2. **Select Installation or Setup**:

Look for an option like “Installation,” “Setup,” or “Settings.” Select it to enter the installation menu.


3. **Choose Satellite Setup**:

Within the installation menu, there should be an option for “Satellite Setup” or something similar. Select this option.


4. **Add Satellite**:

In the satellite setup menu, there should be an option to “Add Satellite” or “Add New Satellite.” Choose this option.


5. **Enter Satellite Details**:

You’ll be prompted to enter the satellite details, including the satellite name (Eutelsat 16A), orbital position (16°E), and other parameters such as frequency, polarization, and symbol rate.


6. **Scan for Channels**:

After entering the satellite details, there should be an option to “Scan” or “Search” for channels. Select this option to start the scanning process.


7. **Wait for Scan to Complete**:

The SuperBox decoder will now scan for available channels on Eutelsat 16A 16°E. This process may take some time, so be patient and wait for it to complete.


8. **Save Channels**:

Once the scanning process is complete, the decoder should display a list of available channels found on the satellite. You may have the option to save these channels to your receiver.


9. **Exit Setup Menu**:

After saving the channels, exit the setup menu and return to the main menu of your SuperBox decoder.


10. **Enjoy Viewing**:\

You should now be able to access and watch the channels from Eutelsat 16A 16°E on your SuperBox decoder.

Keep in mind that the exact steps may vary slightly depending on the model of your SuperBox decoder, but generally, these are the steps you’ll need to follow to scan for channels on Eutelsat 16A 16°E.



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