How to mount TV on the wall

In modern world that old fashion big television have become a thing of the past. The world is changing in fastest rate as well as technology is concerned. Every part of the world are now switching to smart tv, andriod tv and newest technology that hit the market now and then.

Now people feel comfortable watching television on their smart phones, tablets, ipads and laptop computers.

Now to our main topic,


To mount flat screen television on the wall, below are the things you will need:

  • A suitable wall mount
  • Drilling machine
  • Hammer
  • Stud finder
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Screw driver
  • Drill bit
  • Concrete nails in case you are using hammer
  • Spanner 8 – 14.



To start you need to unbox your wall mount and assemble it.

So you first have to fix the metal holders which will hang firmly with the flatscreen television on the wall with it’s suitable bolts from the accessories to tight the metal holders at the back of the screen.

Now after finishing that, all the remaining one’s are up on the wall. Find your perfect area on the wall where the flat screen television will be placed.

Use your stud finder to locate the best position to mount without the worries of inner electrical cables. In case you dont have stud finder, make an eye suggestion to guess where there will be electrical cables in the wall. If you are mounting it for a customer, ask help from him or her, once he or she own the house the person can possibly locate where there will be no electrical cables inside the wall.

After finding the perfect area to mount, now is the time to place the mount on the wall and use your tape measure to get the exact measurent of the mount. It’s always advisable to use level to check the straightness of the wall mount. Moreover mark the exact holes that you will drill on the wall.

Now to drill, you need a concrete hammer drill. In situations whereby the wall is so soft, you can use a metal drilling machine. Have a look inside the bolts that comes with the wall mounts which you are required to attach it onto the wall. To know the right drill bits to put inside the drilling machine, you must measure the lenghts of the bolts to know the distance to drill inside the wall.

In case you don’t have a drilling machine, you can use a concrete nails and a hammer but is not always advisable.

After drilling your holes, now is the time to place the main mount board on the wall, tight it so hard and then carefully hang your flatscreen television on it. Much care must be taken when hanging the TV on the wall. If it’s too heavy ask for help.