How to mount a dish pole

Below are the items needed to mount a dish pole.

  • Concrete drilling machine or Hammer
  • Concrete drill bit or concrete nails
  • Marker


For every satellite installation you will need to mount your dish pole.

To start you need to find the perfect position in the area where you are going to mount your dish. Always find area where there are no trees or buildings blockages. Find your perfect place where the dish will face an empty sky.

Now mount the pole unto the surface(wood, metal or concrete) and then mark the holes where you are required to nailed it unto the surface.

The next thing is to measure the length of the concrete bolt and indicate it on your drill bit to avoid drilling long holes.

Now connect your concrete drilling machine to available power and start drilling your holes. After drilling your holes to the suitable bolt size, it’s time to mount your dish pole onto the wall and tight it up with your bolt. Make sure it’s too strong to hold your satellite dish for a very long period.