How To Install MultiTv On Nasco Satellite Tv

Satellite TV have taken over the market in Africa, although not everyone can afford it, but as time goes on people are switching from using an old TV and satellite receiver. Some TV brands have managed to take control of the African market by lowering their prices. One of these TV brand is Nasco.

Now to install multiTV on Nasco satellite TV, or you are just replacing your old TV and receiver with a satellite TV, it’s easier to setup the Nasco Satellite TV 5 when there’s a stable satellite signal. In situations whereby there’s no already fixed satellite dish, assemble and mount the dish at a position whereby it possible to get the multiTV signal from the NorthEast 28° degrees.


TRANSPONDER — 12525 V 30000

SATELLITE —– ASTRA 2A, 2B 28° East

The Video Illustrates How To Install MultiTv On Nasco Satellite TV


The first thing is to add the transponder of the multi TV onto the satellite, you can select the multi TV satellite (ASTRA 2A, 2B 28°E). If it’s not available select any of the listed satellite below:






After selecting the satellite, you have to press on the EPG button on the remote for the transponder list to display, then press on the yellow button on the remote to add the multiTV transponder which is (12525 V 30000). After saving, select it and monitor the signal quality indicator to confirm that there’s enough satellite signal before you proceed with the next step. In case you have not yet gotten any signal, now is the time to rotate the satellite dish slowly to get a signal. After getting a stable signal, you have to scan the Nasco TV to get the channels working. To get more of the Tv channels, make sure to get more of the signal quality and then perform BLIND SCAN which will bring in more FTA channels.


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