How to install Gotv antenna

GoTv is a terrestrial TV provider from Multichoice group. This Gotv have varieties of channels at affordable prices. You can get access to watch your favorite movies and events at affordable rates.

Now to install a GoTV antenna is very easy. If you already have a working antenna in your house, you can connect the cable to your GoTV Gocoda and it will work to perfection. To install your GoTV antenna, the first thing is to assemble your GoTV antenna.



After assembling the antenna from the box, the next thing is to find a metal or wood pole to clip the antenna onto it.

Getting antenna signal will always depends on where you are living. If you are living in big cities where the antenna signal is not too difficult to find, you can just put the antenna anywhere in your room and you will get your signal working perfectly.

Those living in far places where the signal is weak on the ground, you will need a long metal or wooden pole and then you fix it on top of the roofing or anywhere you may get signal. The next thing is to connect your cable from the antenna to the GoTV Gocoda. For you to know you are having an active signal to watch your GoTv, you need to perform scanning. After scanning your GoTV Gocoda and not having any TV channel, you need to turn the TV antenna to face different direction. And by changing the direction for two or more times and you are going to get your active antenna signal.