How To Install DStv And MultiTv On 1 Dish

In this post, you’re about to learn how to install two LNB’s on One satellite Dish. This two LNB’s will be receiving DStv and MultiTv signal on 36°E and 28°E respectively. When it comes to multiple LNB installation on a satellite dish, all the satellite signal that you’re trying to add on the same dish have to be available on a particular location. It’s not possible to install Satellite facing opposite direction on a single satellite dish.


  • DSTV [ 12245 H 27500 ]
  • MULTITV [ 12525 V 30000 ]




With their satellite positions, which is 36°E and 28°E , on elevational level, DStv will be below MultiTv on a stable signal level.

When it comes to adding multiple LNB’s, normally the highest signal on elevational level have to be your primary signal. So install MultiTv first on the satellite dish with a stable signal not less than 60% and find another strategy to hold the other LNB that will be tracking for the DStv signal. To get DStv signal on top of MultiTv, it goes up just one inch. Get a metal plate or a copper wire that will help you to hold the other LNB on top of the MultiTv signal. Using a galvanize metal plate will be the best option, in order for your installation to last longer. You can use a black tape to grab the LNB around a metal holder if you’re unable to get a metal clip.



Universal LNB
Universal LNB
satellite dish
satellite dish







The Video Below Illustrate How To Install DStv And MultiTv On 1 Dish





Add the LNB on top of the primary LNB and start turning it around to get the signal. make sure to get enough of the signal quality if you’re connecting it to a Dstv decoder. Dstv decoders requires maximum signal quality before it’s can function perfectly, that’s why it comes with a 90cm satellite dish. So do well to get more than 60% of the signal quality.

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