How to get free TV channels on (Multi TV) Astra 2a 2b 28 degrees

If you want free channels without worrying about monthly payments, you can choose Multi TV. You can get Multi TV anywhere in Africa provided you have a free to air decoder and 50 cm dish or above.

Most of the channels on Multi TV are from Ghana and the rest of Africa. But one good thing is, most of the channels are in English.

To get Multi TV in anywhere in Africa you will need a 50 cm dish or above and a working free to air decoder or you can can use your inbuilt satellite flat screen television. You will need an F connectors.

Watch this video on how to assemble your dish.







After assembling your dish you need to fix your pole unto the wall. To think of fixing the dish pole, you must look for perfect location where there’s no brooches from the clouds from east. You must be facing east where you will get your Multi TV signal, so make sure you fix your dish at the right angle.









Make sure you straight the dish pole when mounting it on the wall.

After mounting your pole, you need to hang on your dish and connect your cable from the LNB(low noise brought-down) to the television or receiver you are going to track with.

If you are not using a satellite finder, you can use your your inbuilt satellite television to track for your Multi TV signal.

To start, you need to go to menu of your used device, press satellite installation menu and then add multi TV frequency and symbol rate which is 12525 (V) 30000 in their satellite name Astra 2a 2b 28 degrees east.





And when when tracking for your Multi TV, you have to make sure that the dish is facing east of your standing point. Moreover, Multi tv is not above so high, so when panning your dish, keep rotating and moving up and down at the lower part of the dish pole. You don’t need to raise the dish too high.

Whenever you get the signal make sure it’s above 60 percent, the higher the percentage will reflect on how many free channels you are going to get.

After getting your signal, make sure you tight the dish so hard that no heavy winds can turn it to different direction.

The next thing is to scan for your free channels. With scanning you will need to perform blind scan to get more free channels to watch. If you proceed with manual scan you are going to get this few channels below :

  • Joy prime
  • Atom tv
  • Joy news
  • Fire tv
  • Rock tv
  • Outdoor broad
  • Sweet tv
  • Obtv
  • Pent tv
  • Tvt
  • Ecn
  • Seeds tv
  • Pan Africa
  • LNTV
  • Ztv
  • Fire tv
  • Kingdom tv
  • Precious tv
  • Royal tv
  • Kessbentv
  • Angel tv
  • Elijah tv
  • Ghone tv
  • TV xyz
  • Rhema TV






After performing blind scan you are going to get 150+ free TV and radio channels.