How To Connect Multiple LNB To One Diseqc

A diseqc is simply a tool that actually enables you to get multiple satellite signal on one satellite receiver. You cannot join the cables from different LNB to one receiver for it to work.

In many cases Diseqc comes in when trying to get more FTA (free-to-air) channels on satellite receiver. Most pay to view TV companies does not allow their receivers to get access to FTA satellite signal for business reasons.

Now to connect multiple LNB to one receiver, you need a working diseqc and F-connectors. The number of F-connectors you will need to do the installation will actually depends on the number of different satellite signal you will like to connect to one FTA satellite receiver on any given satellite dish.

A diseqc comes with two different ports

  • LNB Ports
  • Reveiver Port
4 in 1 diseqc switch
4 in 1 diseqc switch
4 in 1 diseqc switch
4 in 1 diseqc switch

The LNB ports, that’s where you need to connect the coaxial cables from various LNBs and the receiver port simply receives all these different satellite signals and make them work on one receiver to fetch more FTA channel.

The video below illustrates how to connect multiple LNB to one diseqc