How To Connect 2 LNB And 1 Antenna

In satellite installation every problem have it necessary solution. When it comes to installing different coaxial cables which will possibly pass through just one cable, it’s becomes a headache if you don’t have any idea about how to get the right tools for the installation. Now to install two different satellite signal and one antenna signal on just one cable there have to be a tool involved. You can’t join the cables together for it to work. You may end up damaging the receiver.

In this installation you will first need a DiSeqc to connect the two LNB cables for it to become just one cable. After connecting the satellite cables you have to find a way to connect the antenna cable and the cable from the DiSeqc receiver port for it to pass through 1 cable. You may need the help of a diplexer or a signal combiner. A tool that helps to combine both antenna and satellite signal

4 in 1 DiSeqc
4 in 1 DiSeqc

Diplexer comes with two ports (Satellite and Antenna). Connect the receiver cable from the DiSeqc to the satellite port of the combiner and the antenna cable to the antenna port.

The next step is to connect the cable they have already lay the building to the receiver ports of the diplexer. At the receiving end of that cable you need to add another diplexer to separate the satellite and antenna signal to the respective receivers.

The video below illustrates how to connect 2 LNB and 1 antenna


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