How To Check A Working LNB

LNB stands for low-noise block-down converter. LNB place majority roles on the satellite dish, in getting a stable signal. Its main purpose is to amplify lower signal microwaves and at the same time normalize some higher-level signal microwaves, send it down to the receiver to complete the process by converting it to video and audio. Without a working LNB there will be no signal.

Now to check a working LNB, every FTA decoder or satellite receiver, shows the signal strength of the cable and LNB. A working LNB shows signal strengths not less than 70% on any receiver. In determining a working and non working LNB, normally LNB’s strengths decreases as time goes on since it’s been exposed outside. Most often non-working LNB will show signal strengths from 0 to 30 percent.


Universal LNB
Universal LNB



The Video Below Gives You Guide On How To Check A Working LNB


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