How To Activate Dstv In South Africa

To activate Dstv in South Africa, you need to install, scan and upgrade before you can go ahead to activate.

Dstv deals with multiple channels and for you to comfortably enjoy your Dstv, you need a stable Dstv signal.

Firstly, you have to make sure that, you are having a stable Dstv signal before you can go ahead with the wizard installation.

Whenever you are using this frequency and symbol rate (12245 H 27500), make sure that you have the quality percentage above 60, in order to get all the channels working perfectly.

And with the tracking of Dstv signal to get a stable signal, you cannot use a new Dstv decoder to track nor check the signal percentage.

You need a free-to-air satellite decoder to track and check the quality of your Dstv signal.

After having a stable signal, the next thing is to connect your cables to the appropriate port of your Dstv decoder and power it.

Below are steps for Dstv installation Wizard in South Africa:

After the language page,

  • On satellite page (choose IS20)
  • Next page (choose manual Setup)
  • Next page (change LNB type to Universal)
  • Press OK to scan.


Doing Dstv installation in South Africa, you first have to choose your satellite name to be (IS20) and then you proceed to the next page. on the next page you need to choose manual setup and press OK to proceed. On the next page, change the LNB type to to universal and then press OK to scan.

After scanning your Dstv decoder, only one channel will work. That’s their channel 100(Dish). So you need to upgrade. Dstv upgrading takes 17 minutes to complete, so you need to have patience for the upgrading to take place. Don’t off your decoder.

After upgrading, the decoder will reboot once again and after rebooting, you have to activate the decoder to enjoy your Dstv channels. To complete with the activation, the Dstv customer care will request some details of your decoder, which is the serial number and the IUC number. And you will find this details on the Dstv decoder and the setup box. There are small white stickers at the back or on top of every Dstv decoder where you will find both the IUC and serial number.

Below are the details they will need from you:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Mobile number
  • Email Address (optional)

Below are the Dstv South Africa customer care numbers you can call for your decoder activation and any problem you have about your Dstv:

  • Johannesburg (011) 289-2222
  • Pretoria (012) 422-2222
  • Cape Town (021) 508-2222
  • Durban (031) 710-2222
  • Port Elizabeth (041) 395-2222
  • Bloemfontein (051) 503-2222

Whenever you call Dstv office, they will let you switch your channel to (200) which is super sports Blitz. So put it on it before calling for your activation. Press 200 on the remote very fast and have in mind that, there are charges applied when calling any Dstv office number. You will be on the call and your Dstv channels will start working.