Dstv explora decoders is by far the most decorated models, the explora models are designed with multi purpose functions to perform an extra ordinary tasks. With Dstv explora decoder you don’t need to worry about extra view connection with two different decoders.

Below are some of the unique functions of the Dstv explora.

  • Full use of Dstv explora (including) connection to one decoder in extra view. When it comes to extra view installation, you can link two Dstv HD decoders, but to link three Dstv decoders probably an explora needs to come in with the help of Dstv smart LNB or Dstv signal switch.
  • Dstv catch up (including downloads). BoxOffice and HD channels are available on selected packages. Using Dstv explora decoder you can download movies and Tv shows on Catch Up. You don’t need to worry about missing a live TV series. Get all your shows on Dstv Catch Up. To get Dstv Catch Up, the explora has to be connected to a stable internet.
  • Dstv explora 3A decoders support SD video when connected to the AV out port and HD video are available when connected to HDMI port. With the explora 3A, RF is not supported. So it’s always advisable to use Smart LNB in extra view installation to prevent hard time of connecting a heartbeat cable.
  • With Dstv explora 3A, you can record your favourite movies and live events up to 110 hours. And you can easily record the entire show.
  • Dstv explora 3A comes with instant replay and slow motion function.
  • With Dstv explora 3A decoder, there are more content on the internet when connected to Dstv WIFI.
Dstv explora 3A decoder
Dstv explora 3A decoder
Dstv explora 3A decoder
Dstv explora 3A decoder
Dstv explora 3A decoder
Dstv explora 3A decoder
Dstv explora 3A decoder
Dstv explora 3A decoder


  • 1 Terabyte harddrive
  • USB port
  • Ethernet port
  • Digital Audio Output
  • HDMI Output
  • RCA Audio/Video port
  • Showmax Included
  • 110 hours of HD personal recoding
  • 40 series recording
  • Subtitles in record
  • There are no RF ports on the decoder. You need an RF modulator to connect to different device.


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